Whether you’ve been injured during a sport or auto accident or you’re struggling to regain physical function following a major medical event or chronic condition, physical therapy can help you free yourself from pain and take command of your body once again.So it’s only natural that we offer physical therapy in Richmond Heights, Webster Groves and surrounding communities. We can integrate this healing modality with our other non-invasive drug-free techniques to create a personal recovery, rehabilitation and pain relief plan just for you.

When Does Our Richmond Heights Chiropractor Prescribe Physical Therapy?

Our Richmond Heights chiropractor, Dr. McIntyre, prescribes physical therapy as a complement to chiropractic care in the treatment of a wide range of problems. These may include:

Injuries – Car crashes, sports injuries, workplace incidents, and mishaps in the home can strain muscles, sprain ligaments and leave you with serious pain and stiffness. Physical therapy can ensure that your soft tissues heal completely and with optimal range of motion.

Post-operative and neurological issues – Surgeries can create significant wounds in their own right, and physical therapy can aid the recovery process. Physical therapy can also restore balance and muscular control for people struggling with neurological symptoms.

Degenerative or chronic pain conditions – Arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions may cause constant muscle, joint, back or neck pain. Keeping your body moving is one way to keep stiffness and tightness from getting progressively worse.

De-conditioning – If your body is constantly out of condition, it becomes more vulnerable to neck pain, back pain, poor posture, injuries and spinal alignment problems.

Gentle Exercises for Pain Relief and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Once our Richmond Heights chiropractor has diagnosed your problem, we can prescribe the right physical therapy for your needs. These needs may change over time; for instance, early-stage injury rehabilitation may require light, gentle exercises, with more load-bearing exercises prescribed later on. You may benefit from:

Stretches – Stretches are good for loosening chronically tight muscles and keeping joints lubricated. If you suffer from chronic pain or need to recovery from a sports injury, stretches can help connective tissues regain their optimal length.

Strength training – Strength training can help rebuild muscles that have atrophied due to neurological issues or forced inactivity. It can also correct longstanding imbalances in your musculoskeletal support and development.

Balance training – Balancing exercises using balance boards, yoga balls and other devices can help you regain muscle and nerve control in the lower body.

Core training – Training that develops your “core,” the lower abdominal, lumbar and pelvic muscles that support your spine and trunk, can help relieve back pain or neck pain caused by poor posture. A better-supported spine is also less injury prone.

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