Before becoming a patient of Dr. McIntyre I was apprehensive of chiropractors. After much research and talking to others who have used such doctors I decided that I could no longer live in the daily pain to which I had become accustomed to. I researched several Doctors and through the recommendations of previous and current patients I gave the Doctor a call. To my surprise he answered the call personally and I was able to set up an appointment on my next day off.

I have never regretted that decision as I have found that pain I lived in for so many years could have been negated a long time ago. As I work a flexible schedule Dr. McIntyre has been very accommodating in allowing me to make appointments that are convenient for me. Dr. McIntyre also addressed the fact that I had allowed my body to become very deficient in certain vitamins. My eating habits or lack of had my body becoming very malnourished. Being made aware of the damage I was doing to myself I was given the proper tools to correct this.

As I work on my feet all day long I saw my productivity diminishing. As treatment progressed I saw how much improvement that not only I felt but, my bosses noticed. With this positive reassurance I now knew that I had the right Doctor that could address not only the initial concerns I had but the underlying aspects that were contributing to my overall health. I have found Dr. McIntyre to be a very professional, intelligent, compassionate person.

– D