Before becoming a patient of Dr. McIntyre I was apprehensive of chiropractors. After much research and talking to others who have used such doctors I decided that I could no longer live in the daily pain to which I had become accustomed to. I researched several Doctors and through the recommendations of previous and current patients I gave the Doctor a call. To my surprise he answered the call personally and I was able to set up an appointment on my next day off.

I have never regretted that decision as I have found that pain I lived in for so many years could have been negated a long time ago. As I work a flexible schedule Dr. McIntyre has been very accommodating in allowing me to make appointments that are convenient for me. Dr. McIntyre also addressed the fact that I had allowed my body to become very deficient in certain vitamins. My eating habits or lack of had my body becoming very malnourished. Being made aware of the damage I was doing to myself I was given the proper tools to correct this.

As I work on my feet all day long I saw my productivity diminishing. As treatment progressed I saw how much improvement that not only I felt but, my bosses noticed. With this positive reassurance I now knew that I had the right Doctor that could address not only the initial concerns I had but the underlying aspects that were contributing to my overall health. I have found Dr. McIntyre to be a very professional, intelligent, compassionate person.

– D

I just recently started going to Dr. McIntyre. I have suffered from lower back pain on and off for years. I usually controlled it through exercise but for some reason this last year exercise has not worked. I was always skeptical about chiropractic care but due to the pain I decided to give it a try. I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. McIntyre. It took about 4 or 5 visits but my back went from hurting me pretty much all the time to not hurting at all. He really knows what he is doing and is very friendly and accommodating like many of the other reviewers said. I highly recommend Dr. McIntyre.

– Em A.

June-2018. First, I would like to say that I made an attempt to load my video visit at Dr. Brian McIntyre Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services because a video beats a written review any day of the week. Unfortunately, that did not work. So, I have uploaded a picture and my review experience. Recently I had an injury at work. As you can see, part of my toenail is missing and a lot of pain followed. I received laser therapy caused the Pain Prodigal for a bit and the pain and swelling had subsided a lot, even after the first treatment. I am still receiving treatment. But, I feel a lot better. I recommend Dr. McIntyre and had been seeing him for several years for basic health.

(2014) I was recently in a car accident and had suffered from back, neck, and shoulders pain. I missed work due to pain and had difficulty performing my daily activities. My sleeping pattern was also compromised due to lack of comfort. I went to Dr. McIntyre and received intensive treatment for a few weeks. My muscles felt better after a short while and I was soon able to attend to my daily routine without difficulty. His services were a breathe of fresh air compared to my experience when I fell at work and went to a medical center. There, I received a bottle of pain killers and was sent home. Dr. McIntyre made follow-up phone calls and was completely concerned about my well-being. His professionalism is what I come to expect for all of my medical needs.

– Veronica W.

Great service! You never want a reason to go to a chiropractor but when you need to , i highly recommend McIntyre! Professional service and friendly staff. Thank you for the great service.

– Sherun W.

Friendly, professional, and personable service. Most importantly, he’s good at what he does and always makes me feel better.

– Alisa P.

I have been a patient here about 16 years. Started with him because he was close to work . Now I no longer work at that close location, I choose to drive the 22 miles to see Dr. Mcintyre even though there are many other chiropractors closer to home . Always very accommodating trying to get you in for a last minute appointment. Very knowledgeable about his profession. He always does a good job of putting this “Humpty Dumpty” back together again!

– Sue W.

I used to go to chiropractors religiously. I stopped after a bad encounter and have not seen one in well over 2 years. I recently pulled a muscle in my upper back. I schedule an appointment with Mcintyre and in just one session he has given me relief in my upper back and restored my faith in chiropractic care. I will be returning…Thank you!

– Josh K.

I have been a patient of Dr. McIntyre for over 10 years. He is pleasant and
I always feel better after an adjustment! I highly recommend him!!

– Kelly M.

Let me start by saying the atmosphere, energy and the service is above and beyond. Dr. McIntyre has helped me get from 50% to 80% physically over night. Words really can’t express my gratitude!

– Mark T.