Nothing seems to hurt quite like an auto accident injury. The combination of muscle damage, joint stress, neurological dysfunction and sheer adrenalin can leave you experiencing all kinds of pain and disability — including symptoms that may appear only after the initial shock has worn off. But if you require St. Louis auto accident injury treatment, you’ll find that McIntyre Chiropractic & Acupuncture Centre offers a variety of safe, effective conservative care solutions. Our Richmond Heights chiropractor will work with you to resolve your pain and injuries.

Car Accident Injury

A car accident injury generally occurs when your vehicle hits an object or otherwise comes to a sudden stop. Even if your vehicle (and therefore your body) is traveling at low speed, an enormous amount of force can be transferred to everything within the cabin, including you. As a result, your head and neck may fly violently backward and forward, causing whiplash. Whiplash not only tears the muscles supporting the head to cause severe neck pain — it can also throw the cervical spine out of alignment, causing herniated discs and pinched cervical nerve roots.

But whiplash and neck pain may be just the tip of your car accident injury iceberg. That portion of your upper body retrained by a shoulder harness may remain in place while the unrestrained portion keeps moving, twisting the spine to create a car seat belt injury. A car seat belt injury may include spinal misalignment, joint damage, soft tissue strain and herniated discs. A herniated disc down in your lumbar spine can cause back pain and sciatica.

Undiagnosed Auto Accident Injuries

Assuming that you’re fine just because you don’t feel hurt following an auto accident can be a serious error. Shock and adrenalin can mute or delay the onset of symptoms, allowing an auto accident injury to go undiagnosed even as it continues to get worse.

Natural Solutions from Our St. Louis & Webster Groves Chiropractor

The smartest thing you can do following an auto accident is to visit our St. Louis and Webster Groves chiropractor, Dr. Brian McIntyre, for an immediate spinal evaluation, regardless of whether you’re displaying symptoms of a car accident injury. A careful examination can reveal the full extent of any alignment problems, nerve impingement or tissue damage.

Once we know exactly what needs to be treated, we can administer the right combination of natural, non-invasive healing techniques for your personalized St. Louis auto accident injury treatment plan. Chiropractic adjustment can correct cervical misalignments, releasing trapped nerves and helping damaged discs heal. Acupuncture can relieve pain by causing the body to produce endorphins. Physical and nutritional therapies can help you rehab your injury more quickly and thoroughly.

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