Neck pain can make even the simplest motions and postures unbearable, turning everyday life into an outright impossibility. Whether you received your sore neck in an automobile injury or it just seems to have appeared for no clear reason, you are be desperate for relief — but not desperate enough to undergo major surgery. That’s where McIntyre Chiropractic & Acupuncture Centre comes to the rescue. Our Richmond Heights, Creve Coeur and Webster Groves Chiropractor can provide natural, safe, non-surgical neck pain relief for residents throughout the St. Louis area.

Know Your Neck Pain – Help From Your Richmond Heights Chiropractor

A stiff or sore neck can have many underlying causes, from soft tissue strain to subluxations in the facet joints articulating the cervical vertebrae. Your neck problem may strike all at once or slowly change from a mild twinge into a debilitating crisis. Common causes include:

Whiplash – Whiplash is a common byproduct of an auto accident, although you can also sustain this form of neck injury from other types of extreme impacts or collisions as well. Your body comes to a sudden stop, but your head remains in motion, flying back and forth like the lash of a whip. This causes hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck structures, resulting in a painful, stiff neck from soft tissue and joint damage. The injury may also leave with you neurological symptoms due to a disc herniation, which can pinch cervical nerve roots.

Degenerative conditions – Degenerative conditions in the cervical spine can cause progressive changes that can cause a stiff neck, chronic pain, and other problems. A bulging disc, for example, can place unnatural stress on the cervical vertebral joints. Over time that bulge can produce disc herniation. Shifting of vertebrae may also occur, reducing the amount of space within the spinal canal.

Posture problems – Poor posture often leads to neck pain. Text neck is a common problem in which keeping your head drooped downward to consult a mobile device results in a sore neck. Untreated spinal alignment problems can cause similar problems over a long period of time, producing a chronic stiff neck from muscular strain.

Sore Neck in Richmond Heights, Creve Coeur or Webster Groves? Try Our Natural Treatment Options

Our Richmond Heights, Creve Coeur and Webster Groves chiropractor, Dr. McIntyre, can pinpoint the source of your misery, correcting the underlying issue to provide natural neck pain relief. Cervical spinal adjustments can address an alignment issue or disc herniation, putting a stop to neurological symptoms and relieving soft tissue strain. Acupuncture can put your body’s own endorphins to work on your sore neck. Physical therapy and massage can soothe and loosen tight, injured tissues, while lifestyle suggestions can help you watch out for text neck and other postural problems.

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