An occasional headache can put a crimp in anyone’s day, but chronic headache pain can turn daily life into a miserable experience. Chronic migraine attacks are even worse, causing not only devastating pain but a host of other unpleasant symptoms as well. You’ve probably found that pain relievers do nothing to prevent your agony from coming back again and again. To fix the underlying cause of your headaches or migraines, you need the safe, natural relief available at McIntyre Chiropractic & Acupuncture Centre in Richmond Heights.

Headache & Migraine Treatment in Richmond Heights

When people talk about a headache, they usually mean the classic tension headache. This well-named condition is typically the result of muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and surrounding areas. One such muscle near the base of the skull, the RCPM, is connected to the dura mater, a highly sensitive membrane. When the RCPM tenses up, it pulls on the dura mater and creates a headache. Other muscles can trigger tension headaches in the same manner. Individuals who suffer from chronic headaches may have an injury or alignment problem in the upper cervical spine that encourages constant or recurring muscle tension and spasms.

Migraines take head pain to a higher level altogether. Like tension, they can be associated with whiplash and other cervical spinal conditions. Unlike headaches, they produce many other symptoms aside from pain. You may experience nausea, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to sound or light, visual “auras” that affect your eyesight and other debilitating symptoms — for up to 72 hours in some cases. Migraines appear to be caused by drops in serotonin that cause the trigeminal nerve to irritate the cranial blood vessels. Different people have different migraine triggers, ranging from aged or caffeinated foods to weather changes, hormonal cycles and emotional stress.

Drug-Free Treatment From Our Creve Coeur, Richmond Heights, and Webster Groves Chiropractor

Our Creve Coeur, Richmond Heights, and Webster Groves chiropractor, Dr. Brian Mcintyre, can help you reclaim your life and comfort by providing natural relief for headaches or migraines. If cervical misalignment is adding tension to your neck, chiropractic adjustments can correct the imbalance and relieve your muscles of that extra burden. Physical therapy can then strengthen weak neck muscles to help you maintain that balance.

Studies have found chiropractic care highly effective against migraine attacks, potentially reducing their frequency by up to 90 percent and their intensity by up to 49 percent. Since stress is one common migraine trigger, the same spinal adjustments that relieve headaches may also help migraines. We also provide nutritional guidance to help you steer clear of migraine-inducing foods. Another of our services, acupuncture, can prove useful against both headaches and migraines.

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