The Ultimate in Passive Exercise & Energy Medicine

SONIX – “The Body’s Ultimate Tuning Fork!”

  • 10 minutes provides the same benefits of 1 hour of Cardio!
  • Put more Time in your Day! No Sweat!
  • Melt away Stress!! (Cortisol, the Stress Hormone is reduced by 33%)
  • Improve your Concentration and Focus._
  • Improve Circulation and stimulate the Lymphatic System, essential for Detoxing.

Improve Balance, Coordination & Stability! Increase Muscle Mass, Bone Density & Strength. Users have noticed marked improvement in Sleep! Get Healthy the Smart way, not the Hard way! Science backed and evidence based technology.

Company Representative will be on hand to explain the technology and address your needs and questions.

Experience the Relaxing & Rejuvenating Benefits of Sonic Wave

Vibration Therapy

Monday September 19th From 12:00pm to 5:00pm

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Your Body Will Thank You