Auto Accident Injuries and Whiplash – How Chiropractic Care Can Help!

If you feel stiff or sore after an auto accident, you could have a car accident injury that needs treatment. Learn how our chiropractor in Richmond Heights treats common auto accident injuries, including whiplash.

Signs of a Car Accident Injury

It’s common to feel shocked after an auto accident. Unfortunately, the shock may prevent you from recognizing other symptoms for days or even weeks after the crash.

The symptoms and signs of a car accident injury include stiffness, soreness, bruising, swelling, and inflammation. A more serious injury like whiplash, or severe neck strain, presents with confusion, fatigue, pain, mobility loss, and other symptoms.

If you feel not quite right after an auto accident, be smart and get yourself checked out by our chiropractor serving Richmond Heights and St. Louis. The sooner after the accident you treat injuries, the faster you’ll recover.

St. Louis Auto Accident Injury Treatment

We offer several auto accident injury treatment methods in St. Louis. Treatments are designed to end pain and promote healing. After we evaluate your injuries, we will develop a personalized auto accident injury treatment plan specifically for you.

We may use acupuncture for pain control and soft tissue healing. These treatments release endorphins to block pain and promote circulation in affected tissue.

For whiplash and back pain after an auto accident, chiropractic adjustments restore the neck’s alignment and decrease inflammation. Adjustments relieve trapped nerves, restore spinal integrity, and boost the nervous system self-healing capacities.

Once we have your pain under control, we may recommend physical exercises or nutrition supplements to complement treatment.

Combining these therapies creates a fast recovery while limiting the impact of the injuries on your life. If you want to try the natural approach to wellness care, rather than take prescription painkillers (which are expensive and have negative side effects), give our chiropractor a try!

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